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How can a global beer brand serve a local experience?


Carlsberg Group wanted a strong actionable understanding of the different factors that influence the quality draught beer experience based on deep qualitative insights in different markets and with different stakeholders. IS IT A BIRD set out to investigate the draught beer experience in Europe.


We conducted comprehensive studies across Denmark, France and Italy investigating the workflow of bar staff, and wholesalers, combined with a study of the functional aspects of Carlsberg’s draught beer system. We sipped beer with consumers to figure out why, when and how they chose a draught beer, and what they think of Carlsberg’s product offerings.


Our market specific, culturally unique insights gave Carlsberg Group new knowledge for strategic development in each on-trade market as well as opportunity spaces that points to concrete business initiatives towards customers, consumers and wholesalers. Carlsberg now have a great basis for shaping the future draught beer experience!

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Unpacking the draught beer experience in the European market

the challenge

What factors impact the phenomenon of beer consumption?

As draught beer rapidly rises in popularity, Carlsberg needed to get a better understanding of the key factors that improve the quality of the consumer experience. What are consumers thinking when they glance at the draught beer list? What is it they like about draught beer? On what occasions do they seek draught beer?

Moreover, Carlsberg take a pride in serving good quality draught beer to consumers, but before the product ends up on your table a wholesaler, a manager and a bartender has been part of the equation. So how does this impact the quality experience? With our ethnographic toolbox and our beer-loving hearts we travelled to several bars and restaurants to explore every aspect.

the approach

Exploring a variety of channels and user groups, we visited venues serving draught beer in Denmark, France and Italy across categories of dining, traditional pubs, live music venues and trendy bars.

We conducted in-depth interviews with staff, bartenders and wholesalers, and observed their interactions with consumers. With consumers, we used ‘sense of place’ exercises in order to understand the nuances of their relationship to and assumptions around draught beer, who drinks it, and when.

We also studied the staff activity in the back end of the venues in order to understand how kegs are changed, system cleaning procedures, and other more technical aspects of dealing with a draught system. We used video and a truth-need-friction format to communicate our insights.

The Result

We provided Carlsberg with new consumer insights on the cultural position of draught beer and its value as a beverage in each on-trade market and suggested specific strategic battles that could leverage existing strategies.

We used customer journeys to contextualize the draught beer experience and pinpoint key touchpoints at the point of sales. These have become input for further development of internal guidelines on pouring and serving.

Our deep insights across several stakeholders and three markets has been valuable input for Carlsberg to keep giving consumers a draught beer experience in line with their consumption needs and beverage perceptions.


Connecting the Somersby brand with its consumers

We developed 6 strategic opportunity spaces based on trends and consumer knowledge. In a workshop with local markets we transformed them into product concepts, defining a clear direction for positioning the brand in the next upcoming 3-4 years.


The draught beer experience

Deep dive in three european markets and developing global initiatives that will shape the future draught beer experience. 


Trends and category drivers

Describing macro, mega and consumer trends that will influence Carlsberg categories. Developing category strategies and describing key drivers.


Meet the consumer

A fieldwork workshop for all brand managers from Carlsberg group were they got first hand experience of the value of meeting the consumer.


Xmas study and line extension

Developing recommendations on how to increased the Share of Throat of alcohol, through the use of Tuborg Christmas beers brand position


After ski campaign

Deep insights about the man and his behaviour and aspirations during the Winter and concrete recommendations on how to create a campaign.


Optimizing an existing beer

Tangible and actionable recommendations on how to re-design and optimize an existing beer.


Innovation drivers for the beer category in Denmark

A large ethnographic study with 75+ respondents in two segments lead to new insights about beer consumption in Denmark and recommendations for communication sales strategy and product development.

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