Innovation capacity and transformation

Turning ‘innovation’ from a management buzzword into an everyday reality

Fenja Lyng Rytter

We transform companies to become more human centred and in-touch with a fast moving world.

Are you missing the concrete tools, methods and habits that can turn ‘innovation’ from a management buzzword into an everyday reality?

Innovation is not about Post-its and creative genius. It’s about culture and mindset: how organisations view the world, and the outlook of the employees.

We move organisations forward to become more human centred through an introduction of new habits, tools, and a shared language that helps boost the organisation’s confidence and capacity for innovation. We train leaders in innovation management and employees in executing innovation.

Expertly crafted deliverables

Design Thinking training

A problem-solving approach that has the intention to improve products.

IIAB Innovation Toolkit

Lean Startup Training

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Fenja Lyng Rytter