Artificial Intelligence & Anthropological Intelligence

October 2023

Exploring AI and AI

How to supercharge what we do, rather than giving away our superpowers?

AI is all over the place. Some see the potential, some are sceptical, some have jumped straight into use, and some wait and see how the scene develops.

At IS IT A BIRD we are explorers by default. And right now, we are exploring how we could apply AI-tools to our work. And not least why we should do it, because our starting point for innovation is always what is meaningful, rather than what is technically possible.

We are asking ourselves how we can further strengthen our work alongside an augmented colleague. Where to look out for the risks the new smart colleague poses to the quality of our work? In other words, we are discovering the power of AI and AI - Anthropological Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

IIAB Talk 20 — it’s a wrap! 👏

Thank you to all those  curious people who joined us for a wonderful evening in the IS IT A BIRD office! Together we explored how AI might work hand-in-hand with our anthropological intelligence.

Philosopher Pia Lauritzen, PhD reminded us of the truly important questions in the AI field. By going beyond the question "Can machines think?" and instead asking "Why would machines even think?", she focused on the one thing that AI does: deceiving. Her call for purposefully weakening the technology to leave room for human thinking put the whole audience on the edge of their seats.

Information Scientist Mads Kaysen demystified the real-life work implications of employing AI. Offering himself to take on the role of tech bro for the evening, Mads proposed that we are equipped with tools that will not only transform "ordinary" work processes but also those tasks we have traditionally associated with unique human abilities.

Researcher Trine Holmberg Sainte-Marie exemplified the complexity of using AI in mental health treatment. Combinations of depression symptoms, ethical, legal, and data management — the challenges for using AI in this space are particularly complex. However, she stressed that the opportunities to enhance treatment efficiency are equally big.

Louise Vang Jensen expressed the desire for IS IT A BIRD to explore AI. Using AI in combination with our existing Anthropological Intelligence to supercharge what we do, rather than giving away our human superpowers is the way forward.

The lively conversations over drinks afterward confirmed the relevancy of the topic and the ways in which all of us are explorers — some with more time invested than others, but all eager to learn and share.

Exploration of “AI & AI” did not start here for IS IT A BIRD, nor is it finished. So, let’s keep the conversation going. Reach out to Louise Vang Jensen ( with any AI-related questions, comments, or other inquiries.

Hope to see you at the next #IIABTALK!


Pia Lauritzen is a Danish philosopher and tech entrepreneur.

She holds a PhD in philosophy and is the inventor and founder of Qvest and Question Jam. She has published five books on questions, leadership, and technology. Earlier this year she was selected for the Thinkers50 Radar list for “providing powerful proof that questions, rather than generic answers, will shape our futures.”

Mads Kaysen is a data scientist and as a partner at Implement Consulting Group, he heads CAiSA by The Tech Collective, a team of Conversational AI specialists. In this capacity, Mads offers up a refreshingly rational approach to AI and the tools that might not only transform "ordinary" #work processes but also the type of tasks we have traditionally associated with unique human abilities.

Trine Holmberg is a researcher on the crossover of tech and therapy. She is part of Center for Digital Psychiatry and will present based on her PhD research (PERSONAE), focussing on using AI as a tool to determine the best treatment avenue for #patients receiving internet-based therapy for depression.

Hosted by: Louise Vang Jensen, Co-CEO and Partner at IS IT A BIRD


Wednesday October 11th @ IS IT A BIRD

Doors open 16:00 / programme start 17:00