Future Craft: Navigating Mega Trends & Human Needs

May 2023

Future Craft: Navigating Mega Trends & Human Needs

Looking toward the future, there are countless exciting possibilities for innovation. Yet, in our unpredictable, complex, and ever-changing world, plotting a course can be daunting.

How should businesses and organisations decide where to go within countless opportunities and high uncertainty about the future?

They rely on the skills of those who navigate mega trends and human needs to move forward — they rely on masters of a practice we might call ‘Future Craft’.

At IS IT A BIRD we believe that value and meaning-driven innovation are more resilient in the face of uncertainty, as they are rooted in fundamental human needs that tend to remain relatively stable over time. We have dedicated ourselves to refining our Future Craft skills for more than a decade. The purpose of this talk is to learn from the frontrunners from different industries about the mega trends and core human needs that are shaping their industries and how they are exercising their future craft, and we will also share how we have been empowering and guiding clients in making decisions that align with human-fit futures at IIAB.

Speakers of the evening

Jutta Kloppenborg Heick Skau, Prevention and Health Promotion Lead, Novo Nordisk

Malin Meyer, Partner, Danielsen Spaceplanning

Junhee Cho, Project Manager, Danielsen Spaceplanning

Brenda McCulley, Sandbox Researcher, LEGO

Lea Møller Svendsen, Lead Consultant, IS IT A BIRD

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