No Human Is an Island: A conversation on the shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’

June 2024

We are living in a time where human centricity is broadly acknowledged as a valuable driver for innovation and transformation. We might use other words for the human; patients, users, customers, employees or citizens – but at the end it’s humans who occupies these roles.

As practitioners of human-centricity, we leverage the human experience to create impactful products and services, simplifying complex realities into clear, accessible formats for our clients. However, in doing so, it can we easy to overlook a crucial aspect of humanity: our inherent social nature.

At IS IT A BIRD, we’ve built our business on understanding people, and firmly believe that to truly grasp the human experience, we must consider the social perspective.

Join us for a online webinar where we explore the ways in which the human experience is social – and how we might drive transformation towards sustainable futures, as humans leading the way, together.

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