Feeling locked down? You can still broaden your perspectives!

With little to look forward to, fewer social interactions and no travel plans in the new future, you easily get stuck in the rut. We feel with all of you – but there are ways to ease the feeling of isolation! 4 birds to share their tips and tactics to get a new perspective during lockdown – whether you are looking for fiction or facts, outlook or escapes.  

Working from home really reduces the creative input you get from colleagues and clients each day - I signed up for www.stackmagazines.com to get a new independent magazine from around the world send each month. It reminds me, how many interesting stories and creative projects that are still happening even during a pandemic.” - Lea, Senior Anthropologist.

Although the pandemic has physically separated us, our new familiarity with online calls and events opens opportunities to connect with people on the other side of the world. I have joined an online book club initiated by www.shityoushouldcareabout.com. It both motivates me to read new things and engage in interesting conversations with people from abroad” - Borbala Kun, Design Intern

When the repetition of everyday life gets too claustrophobic, I find that literature allows for great escapes into other worlds. I can recommend Zadie Smith’s “Swing time”, with a very time relevant statement at the beginning of the prologue: “When the music changes, so does the dance” deeply entertaining and a touching story. Recently I have also read Stine Pilgaards two books “Meter i sekundet” and “Lejlighedssange.” - Louise Vang Jensen, Director of Insights and Research  

Staying home has inspired me to get a subscription for a good old school newspaper. You have interesting articles right at hand, it gives your eyes a well-deserved break from the screen and because the newspaper curate the articles for me, I have become engaged in topics, I didn’t even know I had an interest in.”  - Emil Buch Jacobsen, Consultant