User insights and behaviour analysis

Identifying patterns in the way in which we humans act, feel, and prioritise.

Louise Vang Jensen
Co-CEO & Partner

We specialise in providing our clients with new and unexpected insight into people’s lives.

Do you have a true understanding of your customers or are you basing business decisions on assumptions about the world ‘out there’?

Through ethnographic methods and the application of behavioural economics principles, we explore and analyse real people's subjective experiences and explicit behaviours, and identify patterns in the way in which we humans act, feel and prioritise.

We specialise in giving our clients new and unexpected insights into the human beings they operate for. The insights are always actionable, showing clear direction of where the opportunity lies.

Read how our insights gave Denmark's largest energy company new ways to communicate their story. Also read how they provided The Danish Railways knowledge about what passengers perceive as clean.

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Louise Vang Jensen

Co-CEO & Partner